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Mary Zackius-Shittu

Mary Zackius-Shittu

Name: Mary Zackius-Shittu, PhD
Profession: Human Behavior Specialist
Industry: Financial Sector; Behavioral Health
Years of Service: 15 years
Education: BSc. Statistics; MSc Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Ph.D. Organizational Psychology; 
MSc Mental Health Counseling, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Country of Residence: United States
As a human behavior specialist, it is my honor to work with people in achieving their best selves. It takes bravery to review personal life journeys, choices made, and environmental factors and work through current internal struggles that limit self.  This could be in the workplace, in relationships, and in all facets of life. My role is to be a co-sojourner in my client’s journey.

The human mind is preprogrammed to self-preserve and daily seeks to achieve a better version of self. Often habits, early childhood learning, and conditioning can be inhibitors or catalysts for growth. My role is to help dissect and find the root cause or catalyst for the incremental breakthrough.

With a background in statistics and project management, I’m uniquely qualified to use evidence-based approaches to work with diverse and global businesses to drive employee performance from both a growth mindset, increase and efficiently meet the bottom line to human contribution perspective. We each have the ability to meet any life goal. The limiting factors are often rooted in fear. As an existential and cognitive behavioral therapist, I can help unpack team, group, or individual struggles to elevate the entity towards what they define as the best version of themselves. 

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